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The Origins Guide brings together a community of hosts and guests who both share an appreciation for design forward, unique homes. The Origins Guide aims to facilitate that connection and celebrate homes with a story to tell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Origins Guide?

We are a community who appreciate beautiful holiday homes and unique design. If you’re anything like us, then you understand the importance of finding the perfect place to stay. It’s a defining experience and sets the tone for a great trip.

We’ve developed the Origins guide as a way to showcase design forward, architectural homes – delving into the passion and story of the home, experience of the stay and profiling the design of the residence.

Can I continue listing with other channels?

Of course, you can list with other channels and also take bookings directly from guests. Though not every home can list with the Origins Guide. We’re picky when choosing which homes to welcome to the community.

Who are the Origins Guide guests?

We aim to attract an educated and mature demographic of clientele compared to other platforms. Our clients are busy professionals from urban settings who appreciate good design, unique experiences and a seamless interaction.  

What fee do you charge hosts?

We charge 4.5% on accommodation charges – this will be collected when a booking is made and before distributing funds to you. As part of this charge we’ll create the listing for you. We’re also developing the Origins Great Stay Guide and a series of awards and recognition – whilst you’re a community member you’ll have the right to display and market these.

Any upfront costs?

No – we’re waiving any costs or listing charges associated with joining the community. We love your house and want you to join our community.

We do require suitable photography to list the home. You’ve got a great home and Origins Guide guests should see it in all its glory. In most cases this has already been done. If not, we’d be happy to help you find a suitable photographer – we’ll discuss this if required and help in any way we can.

How does the listing get created – what’s next?

We’ll take care of creating the listing. In doing so there are three key steps:

  1. Complete the short listing form 
  2. We’ll then ask you to provide your rates, calendar link (for synchronising), photos and bank details for payouts
  3. Review the listing

Am I locked in with Origins Guide?

Absolutely not – we like you to try and commit to be with us for the next 12 months as we do invest a serious amount of time in bringing the house into the community however if things change on your side (stop renting your place, move in, sell it etc) then we’ll be sad but wish you the best.

There’s no penalties for leaving us.

Will you take care of the listing?

Absolutely – we’ll even prepare it for you! You’re welcome.

Can you sync my calendar?

Yes we can – we’re advising home owners to provide us with the ical AirBnB link. This means all you need to do is keep your AirBnB calendar up to date. If you use a different calendar tool with an ical link then we can most likely also synch to this.

How do I accept bookings?

We will email a booking request – please review and accept/reject within 24 hours. If you do not we may need to auto cancel the request.

Who sets prices on the Origins Guide?

Pricing is at your discretion. Initially we ask you to provide your AirBnB rates. If you have a direct channel with published rates we ask to use these. We do offer our guests a pricing promise which means if a guest finds a better offer, we are able to match this – we’ll of course let you know though before booking if this is the case.

Generally we suggest that you price equalise your direct and indirect channels – capturing the additional margin on direct bookings which you can use to either enhance yield or provide additional guest amenities.

Our goal is help you optimise the price you receive. We believe in value and quality over having the cheapest homes in the market and so do our guests. We’re committed to work with you in achieving the optimal outcome. 

What are the cancellation terms of a booking?

That’s up to you. We offer a number of options from flexible bookings to strict cancellation terms. We’ll ask you to set the cancellation terms prior to listing. You can also change this at any stage for future bookings.

When will I receive payment?

We’ll distribute the funds to you on the next Friday 48 hours after check-in e.g. Guest arrive Monday 4th and we’ll transfer the funds Friday 15th.

Can I cancel a booking?

From time to time circumstances arise that mean you need to cancel a booking. We ask you to take every step possible to avoid doing so. Afterall it impacts both the guest experience and integrity people place in our community. If in the rare case you cancel last minute we may need to charge a penalty fee of 20% of the accommodation charge – this is to cover the costs of managing our guest’s expectations and assisting in the rebooking process.