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To learn a bit about Origins Guide, let’s first start with a quiz. How many hosted homes do you think there are in Australia?

There’s close to 150,000. Now that’s a lot! So much so, the sheer volume and choice out there has become overwhelming and cumbersome to navigate.

The market is changing. Gone are the days where a vacation rental was simply an extra space being rented out for a few extra dollars. There’s a new breed in the market and It’s time we recognise that!

There might be 150,000 hosted homes but not every home can be an Origins Guide Home

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Why do we exist? About Origins Guide

The Origins Guide was created to recognise authentic hospitality and hosted homes with unique character and soul – places of distinction that offer a unique stay experience.

Every home has a story to tell and we’re committed to telling it. Bored of the typical listing platforms, we’re committed to producing inspiring and thoughtful content that’ll help steer you in the right direction.

We’re Committed to developing a real community, not just a booking platform – with hosts who share a passion for authentic hospitality and guests who love unique experiences. Watch out for our next nomadic clubhouse pop-up or weekend escape.

It's time to do things a little differently

Our Promise

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Founder's Story

Why is it so hard to find the right home?

The founders of the Origins Guide Brett and Johan had corporate jobs and both travelled extensively for work. They actually lived in hotels for five years and realised that so many hotels and villas are cookie-cutter boxes, just like the one before and the one after.

Finding unique and authentic stays became a hobby. They realised the best moments of a journey are when they discovered a truly unique and authentic stay. A place that breaks the mould and offers something that is true to its location. Quite often this is a wonderful home – to enjoy a destination through the lens of a passionate individual and one-off design.

However, the challenge with hosted homes is that sometimes they aren’t what they say or they just don’t look as good as the photos (and don’t get us started on how long it takes to find a home – indecision anyone!?).

Quite often Brett and Johan ended up back at hotels, too risk adverse or time poor to discover a unique home. Determined to change this along came the idea of launching the Origins Guide – a place to connect and discover inspiring homes and one-off stay experiences.

Welcome to the Origins Guide!

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